Dr Hasan Sohaib Murad

(PhD, University of Wales, UK)

Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad is a renowned scholar of Management, Philosophy and Inventive Business Studies. Besides his Entrepreneurial Success in the shape of University of Management and Technology (HEC’s W Category awarded first class institute with 5 schools educating 5000 students), he holds 25 silver years of practically diverse experience as he has strived to build world class business support units in the areas of Finance, Sensitive and Defense Technology, Mobile Technology, Leadership, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Town Planning, Micro and Macro Level Academia.


Dr A. Rashid Kausar

(PhD, Michigan State University, USA)

Dr A R Kausar, a PhD from Michigan, is a Master Trainer, Chief Consultant and a Professor of Organic Knowledge Management. With over 35 years of global teaching, training and business coaching experience to his credit, Dr Kausar distinguishes himself with a passion for people promotion and an expertise of communicating equally well to the hands, heads, and hearts.

Dr Sarwar Azhar

(PhD, University of Nottingham, UK)

Dr Sarwar earned his PhD in Business Administration from Nottingham and possesses more than 35 years of practical business management experience, gained at various levels, in both national and international organizations. He is known for result-oriented research and training on strategic issues in Marketing and Human Resource, which are his core areas of interest and strength.


Ijaz Yusuf

(MS, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)

With 17 years of rich industrial experience, Ijaz conducts trainings in his unique style and format. His areas of interest in training include Quality, Productivity and Supply Chain Management. He has earned a master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Asian Institute of Technology Bangkok Thailand and a diploma in Business Management from LUMS.


Dr Tashfeen Mahmood Azhar

(PhD, University of South Florida, USA)

Dr Tashfeen has over 25 year of academic, industrial and corporate experience. He is the Chairman of Marketing and Supply Chain department at UMT and an expert in mathematical models for managing process, systems, operations and materials. He offers training in the areas of operations management, supply chain management, and inventory management.

Dr Abdul Rauf Butt

(PhD, Washington State University, USA)

 Dr. Abdul Rauf Butt has taught at many national and international Universities of repute for over four decades. He started his career with University of the Punjab in 1970 where he was elevated to the position of Meritorious Professor by the Chancellor of the University in 2005. He held various academic and administrative positions including, Professor, Chairman and Dean with his alma mater. He worked as a visiting faculty member with Civil Services Academy of Pakistan (1991-94), National Management College and National Institute of Public Administration (on occasional basis). He offers consultancy services to both public and private sectors. He has contributed more than 35 research papers in journals of international repute.

Kamran Rashid

(MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

A candidate for PhD in Operations Management at the University of Toronto, Canada, Kamran earned his MS from USA and currently teaches at UMT and LUMS. With an experience of working in the engineering industry of Pakistan and abroad, he is actively involved in training professionals in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Project Management, Business Forecasting, Operations Management, and Quality Management.

Asher Ramish

MSc, Technical University Hamburg, Germany)

(MBA, University of South Florida, USA) Rubeena Tashfeen’s brings rich and diverse industry experience to her classroom teaching. She is able to develop financial concepts into practical workplace applications and her case study approach reinforced with financial modeling techniques enables students to achieve high level of understanding of the subject.

Rubeena Tashfeen

(MBA, University of South Florida, USA)

After he earned his MS from Germany, Asher worked in the corporate sector for more than five years. He currently teaches at the University of Management and Technology (UMT) and offers training in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Performance Measurement, Supplier Relationship Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Adeel S. Shaikh

(MS, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)

 Adeel, with a rich international exposure, has worked as an educationist, trainer, consultant, analyst and businessman with organizations inland and abroad. He has worked as an external analyst with various investment and security companies in Pakistan and has trained key FBR officials, LCCI staff, and organizations in industries including trading, textiles and sugar. Adeel offers training in the areas of his strength including Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Decisions, Working Capital Management, Stock and Company Valuation.

Ahmad F. Siddqui

(MA, University of Michigan, USA)

With over ten years of experience in teaching and training at various universities including the University of Michigan, Ahmed has 20 research papers to his credit published in different national and international journals. He offers training in data mining, business forecasting models and statistical modeling and analyes

Dawood Ilyas Butt

(MS, University of the Punjab, Pakistan)

Born to parents who adhered to traditions of social welfare and believed in gender equality, brought up in the hub of SMEs district in Punjab, Gujranwala, trained by local and international professionals in research and consulting, was bound to become an optimist, who loves outdoors, thinks creatively, can crunch numbers, is sensitive to social issues, and tries to be part of solution. Interest areas Gender issues, Governance, Entrepreneurship, Branding, services and consumer behavior

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