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Effective management of the total supply chain is an essential ingredient for business success as the global market place becomes a reality. Organizations continuously seek to provide their products and services to customers faster, better and cheaper than the competition. Managers, therefore, have come to realize that they need to improve their logistics.

Organizations are now taking a broad "systems" view of the entire supply chain required to design, produce, and to deliver their products and services. Businesses are working more closely with both their suppliers and customers to improve the entire value chain. This represents a major change for many organizations. By creating information visibility through the innovative use of information technology , developing collaboration and trust among supply chain member organizations, and integrating and improving supply chain process performance, organizations can transform their supply chains into high-performing value systems. These value systems provide a real competitive advantage in the market place.

Center for Supply Chain Research (CSCR), Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM) at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, is dedicated to the development of leading-edge strategies and practical solutions to problems encountered by the business community related to the management of the end-to-end supply chain.

CSCR with a distinguished faculty, including world-class researchers and a talented core of PhD scholars, offers extensive research and consulting in supply chain management operations. Recognized as a strategic multi-disciplinary core unit within the Dr Hasan Murad School of Management, CSCR is proud to have developed the first MBA concentration in Supply Chain Management in Lahore.

Managerial problems are inevitably complex, requiring a mixture of functional and thematic approaches. In this regard, research at the Center is devoted to making contributions to the knowledge and practice of management and leadership, and aims to be both academically rigorous and relevant to practitioners.

CSCR has demonstratable capability to undertake all kinds of research especially those which focus on generation and dissemination of new knowledge. It undertakes a variety of research projects, mostly industry funded, which focus on the generation of new knowledge to dedicated, industrially funded work that addresses specific needs. Research work is being carried out in the fields of logistics management, warehousing and inventory management, supplier relationship management, customer relationship management and providing ERP knowledge-base.

Besides research portfolio, CSCR organizes the Supply Chain Forum, which brings together industrial partners to meaningfully interact with the faculty and share knowledge and experience of managing supply chains in practice.

The primary focus of the Center for Supply Chain Research is the creation of new knowledge, leading to outputs that are of value to our industrial partners and which are relevant to academia.

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