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Pakistan is currently passing through the transition phase from functional form of managing firms with purchasing being one such function to an organization wide conceptualization and operationalization of Supply Chain Management process. Many companies, mostly MNCs have implemented some pillars of Supply Chain Management or partially implemented it. They have a sort of comparisons available in US or European countries. As we know, we are living in the age of information so the organizational and productivity models keep on improving at a brisk pace. Supply Chain Management is one such model, whose concept is based on coordination, collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, removal or reduction of uncertainty, optimization and most importantly virtual integration of business partners to achieve best levels of productivity, agility, optimizing costs and resources, surely, not to forget about extraordinary returns to investors.
HSM’s concentration in Supply Chain Management takes a cross-functional approach, giving students the analysis and decision tools they need to manage all aspects of a business process, from procurement, production, innovation and development, strategic partnering and alliances, information flow management, cash-to-cash cycle time management, asset management, logistics, and distribution, to customer relationship management. The selected curriculum is highly competitive and regularly benchmarked against top business schools of the world.
The Centre for Supply Chain Research also partners extensively with industry to develop practical solutions to problems encountered by the business community relative to the management of the total supply chain. Our team members have not only sound academic backgrounds but also have particle industrial experience.
The change process has begun and more research in the field of Supply Chain Management will have a salutary on improving the value delivery process contributing to the economic development of developing economies like Pakistan.

Ijaz Yusuf
Director CSCR
Email: [email protected]

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